More than a third of businesses concerned about data security in AI adoption

Posted: 8th Jul 2024

More than a third of businesses at London Tech Week admitted their biggest concern about using artificial intelligence (AI)  is data security, according to new research.

AI technology has been a buzzword for a decade now with dozens of industries including cyber security hailing it as the future.

It’s been described as a way to spot gaps and pinpoint cyber threats by carrying out pattern recognition on large amounts of data.

But a survey, published by FDM Group, focused on AI adoption found that despite its popularity, 35% of businesses cited data security concerns as the top barrier to adopting this new tech.

The National Cyber Security UK has spoken openly about the risks of AI including how biased and even gullible it can be when responding to leading questions. It can also be “coaxed into creating toxic content and is prone to prompt injection attacks it can be corrupted by manipulating the data used to train the model, a technique known as ‘data poisoning.” it warns on its website.

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