Better understand your vulnerabilities with a free storage cyber resiliency assessment.

Posted: 22nd Jun 2022

As cybercrime prevails as a major concern for business, organisations affected by cyberattacks run the risk of having their normal business operations disrupted. Alongside this, they face the possibility of losing valuable data, customers, and reputation within their industry.

Is your organisation prepared to face this threat?

Discover how you can accelerate your organisations’ ability to detect, respond and recover from a cyberattack with our free workshop storage cyber resiliency assessment.

Our Workshop Includes:

  • Two-hour virtual consulting workshop
  • Assessment probes over 100 different vital controls across 20+ key categories from a Cyber Resilience standpoint
  • Delivered using technology / vendor-neutral framework

Workshop Outcomes:

  • Identification of blind-spots and recommended areas for improvement
  • Discovery of the utilization of various existing solutions, integrations and overlaps that can be fine-tuned
  • Customised Cyber Resilience strategy fitting your vision & mission

For further information, register today and start your journey to improved cyber resiliency.

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