How to get a step ahead of Cyber Criminals

Posted: 28th May 2020

Staying safe in a WFH environment

COVID-19 has forced organisations to mobilise and scale their remote work capabilities to enable instances of working from home (WFH) wherever possible. But cyber criminals are taking advantage of this rapidly evolving situation in attacks that could have been prevented with identity security capabilities.

The trend toward a mobile, distributed workforce, including working from home, has been underway for many years. Unfortunately, sudden events like COVID-19, the disease caused by Coronavirus, can shine a harsh spotlight on the need to provide a more comprehensive workforce access and productivity solution than what many companies have in place currently.

Organizations like Google, Microsoft and Amazon have already encouraged employees to work from home. And JPMorgan Chase, as a precautionary measure for contingency planning, asked 10% of its entire workforce to work from home to test their global remote access capabilities.

Working from home is no longer just a perk to offer employees, but a critical alternative to keep your business running. 

To fully enable a productive remote workforce, organizations need to make working from home seamless. They need to offer a smooth user experience while making sure that systems and data remain secure.

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