Fix your server infrastructure costs for 3,4 or 5 years with Bramatt Computing.

Posted: 4th Jul 2019

Pricing for both Virtualisation and HCI has dropped dramatically throughout the years. Often these solutions can now be delivered for the same price or cheaper than just replacing your existing physical servers on a like for like basis.

Doing more with less becomes the norm:

- Hypervisor’s automate , manage and deliver the compute, memory and storage resources to keep all applications at peak performance without over provisioning.

- Built in Business continuity technologies deliver High Availability & Disaster Recovery options as standard.

- Servers automatically move from node to node in the event of a server failure.

- Administrative tasks such as adding servers and introducing new applications are massively reduced.

A hyperconverged infrastructure from Bramatt Computing combines x86-based Lenovo server and storage resources with intelligent HCI software in a single turnkey software-defined solution.  The result – streamlined deployment, management and scaling of your datacentre resources.

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