Hospitality Survey reveals CIOs focus on mobility and connectivity

Posted: 22nd Nov 2018

A Digital Transformation survey done by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise in 2018 in the hospitality industry reveals that hotels put hyper-focus on mobility and connectivity. The survey identifies three pillars of a digital transformation: mobility, digital customer experience and connectivity through Internet of Things. And reveals leaders, laggards, and how IT strategies and investments differ.

Key findings:

  • Cyber threats on the radar: 74% of hotels have indicated that they will allocate their IT budget to security in 2018.
  • Innovators identify guest Wi-Fi, CRM/loyalty and customer-facing mobile apps as top investments for digital transformation.
  • Looking ahead to 2020, In their battle to differentiate, leaders will distinguish with guest analytics and further personalization through A.I., in-room automation or location-based marketing

Download the survey report to learn more!

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