Dedicated per-app services for any environment

Posted: 11th Oct 2018

Why BIG-IP Cloud Edition?

You can now get the industry-leading performance, security, customisation, and adaptability F5 is known for, in right-sized and right-priced services designed for the cloud.

BIG-IP Cloud Edition is composed of tightly integrated BIG-IQ Centralised Management and BIG-IP Per-App VEs to deliver advanced app services and lifecycle management—including autoscale, self-service management for app owners, and per-app analytics—in VMware private cloud or AWS public cloud environments.

Dedicated per-app services are available for:

  • BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager: Delivers intelligent traffic management, as well as SSL offload and application optimisation, for the best end-user experience.
  • F5 Advanced Web Application Firewall: Provides the industry’s most advanced WAF to protect all your applications against automated web attacks, credential theft, and L7 DDoS.

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