Cohesity – All Secondary Data and Apps. Unified

Posted: 27th Sep 2018

Cohesity DataPlatform – the only hyper-converged platform designed to manage all your secondary data

Cohesity provides the only hyper-converged platform that eliminates the complexity of traditional data protection solutions by unifying your end-to-end data protection infrastructure – including target storage, backup, replication, disaster recovery, and cloud tiering. Cohesity DataPlatform provides scale-out, globally deduped, highly available storage to consolidate all your secondary data, including backups, files, and test / dev copies.


Consolidate secondary storage: Eliminate storage silos by consolidating secondary data, including backups, files, and test / dev copies, on a scale-out, globally deduped storage platform. Increase space and cost efficiency, simplify management and capacity planning, and eliminate the need for costly data migrations.

Simplify data protection and recovery: Simplify your data protection infrastructure with an end-to-end backup and disaster recovery solution that is fully converged on the Cohesity platform. Infinite backups. Instant recoveries. Integrated replication for multi-site disaster recovery.

Improve economics with public cloud integration: Extend your data platform to the public cloud for long-term archival, tiering of storage capacity, and disaster recovery. Make use of public cloud economics and flexibility without complicated gateways.

Gain visibility into your dark data: Shine a light on your dark data with real-time analytics on data utilisation. Extract valuable insight from your data by running custom queries directly on the Cohesity platform.

Accelerate application development: Release applications faster by instantly cloning and provisioning test and dev environments on the Cohesity platform.

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