Harness the power of Office 365 - equipping you for a successful ascent

Posted: 15th May 2018

Move to the cloud with minimal turbulence.

SHI’s Cloud Climb program helps organisations move to the cloud by providing guidance on planning, deploying and adopting Office 365 efficiently. Better yet, Cloud Climb is backed by real world experience and best practices of SHI’s service delivery team. #WorldClassSupport

What does Cloud Climb provide?

The Cloud Climb program ensures you are maximising your investment through five key elements:

  1. Awareness: We provide an overview of the Office 365 workloads and capabilities so you can understand its business value for your organisation
  2. Strategy: Having a roadmap and adoption plan is crucial. We provide guidance and a vision that is both strategic and tactical
  3. Training: We help train your users on the new capabilities of the cloud
  4. Usability: There is a huge suite of tools in Office 365 and many places to store data. We help drive adoption by showing your users the many easy ways to access their information
  5. Change Management: We help you stay up-to-date with new Office 365 features and show you how to take advantage of them – as they happen

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