Extend the workplace outside the office with F5

Posted: 2nd Mar 2018

Extend the workplace outside the office with F5’s Access Policy Manager (APM).

Empower remote users to have secure, flexible, high-performance solution that provides unified global access to your network, cloud and applications.

Harness features like:

  • Centralised identity and access control - Simplify access management with identity, context, and application-aware policies.
  • Secure remote and mobile access – Utilise various methods of secure tunnels and encryption to access applications wherever they reside.
  • Simplify Identity Federation and Consolidate Infrastructure - With adaptive identity federation, single sign-on (SSO), and multi-factor authentication (MFA).
  • Enhanced visibility and reporting - An in-depth view of logs and events provides access policy session details.
  • Secure Web Gateway services - F5 Secure Web Gateway Services can enforce secure web access for on-premises, remote, and mobile users.

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